Koti            Project coordination and funding
Project coordination and funding
service product introduction


  1. Administrative and technical project planning support


·        Project Agreements (CA, NDA, others)

·        Technical contributions to the project

·        Synchronising with own R&D activities

·        Budget planning

·        Project plan version management

·        Support for preparing funding applications




2. Project management support during the project execution


·        Administrative support

·        Consortium meetings

·        Steering group meetings

·        Project meetings

·        Reporting according to requirements by relevant interest groups

·        Technical support

·        Contract R&D services according to project requirements


    3. Public relations and networking support


    ·        Printed information material

    ·        Handouts, flyers, posters, etc

    ·        Multimedia clips

    ·        Promotion events, prototype presentations, etc.

    ·        Conferences, seminars and other events





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