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Following projects are examples we do with our partners.

Technology focus is in following topics telecommunication technologies, new media, future Internet,  applications & services focusing on a new "Smart Connected World" paradigm and Software-intensive Systems and Services (SiSS).


SEED4C-Secured Embedded Element and Data Privacy in Cloud

My Pocket Doctor


Social E-solution

Empathic products

Social Internet of Things

Indoor / Outdoor navigation

GoPro - global product development

Open Bank


CELTIC project, Converged Infrastructure for Emerging Regions ConTel Service Convergence on Telecommunication systems (CIER), has started. The focus of CIER is to develop novel Adaptive Modulation and Coding and smart beamforming antennas to adapt radio transmission to the availability of energy. Furthermore, the development of a network monitoring system and robust message forwarding mechanisms based on self-configuration/self-management techniques deployed in a large multi-radio meshed converged infrastructure cope with the lack of human resources and wired infrastructure. Finally, the design of a cross-layer architecture optimizes power consumption and content delivery.


The project partners are; Fraunhofer FOKUS, DE;  University Kaiserslautern, DE  Media Broadcast, DE; France Telecom / Orange Labs, FR, VTT, FI;  LinkNet, Zambia; YUIL Banking and Security Limited, KR; Oy L M Ericsson Finland, FI;  Magister Solutions, FI; PPO-Yhtiöt, FI;  More information can be found from the project’s CELTIC-Eureka web pages


CELTIC project, Quality of Experience Estimators in Networks - Service Delivery adaptation and optimization through Quality of Experience estimators (QuEEN), is to be started in summer 2011. The focus of QuEEN is to produce multiservice Quality of Experience (QoE) estimator agents representing a human user. The estimators will be based on models of human perception and upon service discovery, trained progressively from the best-fitted current profile for that service. Each individual agent will communicate with other user agents through the network, exchanging profile information so that services and applications could adapt to both-end preferences and expectations on a peer-to-peer basis.


The main project partners are; France Telecom , FR, VTT, FI; PPO-Yhtiöt, FI;  ACREO, SE, Alvarion, RO, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, SE, Deutsche Telekom Labs, DE. More information can be found from the project’s CELTIC-Eureka web pages


CELTIC project, IP Network Monitoring for Quality of Service Intelligent Support (IPQNSIS), has started. The focus of IPNQSIS is to develop continuous IP traffic monitoring systems to study the behaviour of Quality of Experience (QoE) through the extracted Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The project partners are; Telefónica I+D, ES;   Alcatel-Lucent Espana SA ,ES; Acreo AB, SE;  Ericsson AB (EAB), SE; Telefonica, ES; Lund University, SE;  Alkit Communications, SE; Procera Networks/Netintact, SE; Institut Telecom, FR; University Paris 12, FR; IP-labe-newtest, FR; Vierling Communication, FR; Naudit, ES; Lambdastream, ES; Blusens, ES; Softtelecom, ES; VTT, FI Nethawk Oyj, FI;  PPO-Yhtiöt Oy, FI.


More information can be found from the project’s CELTIC-Eureka web pages

BIOMET SECURITY EUREKA project has started. The project kick off meeting was Vilna, Lithuania on 28th of August 2010. The project investigates a biometry-based method for creating prototypes for use in the field of electronic services for identity and information security processes.


Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Lithuania

JSC nsoft, Lithuania

TECHNE D.O.O., Slovania

DevCom, Czech Republic

Datavision Co. Ltd., South-Korea


More information can be found from the project’s Eureka web pages



EUREKA project, Development Of Building Energy Management System With Novel Electromechanical Lock System (KeyEnergy), is in starting phase. The focus of KeyEnergy is to develop a Novel Building Energy Management System Combined With Access Control Functions. The Security Of Access Control Is Enhanced With A Novel Electro-Mechanical Lock System. Energy And Access Control Will Merged In A Secure And Flexible Wireless Network. The project partners are; Elektro-TOP 3000 Kft, Hungary; Electronic Systems Design Ltd , Malta; Tricomtek Co., Ltd, South-Korea; MFKK Innovation and Research Centre, Hungary


More information can be found from the project’s Eureka web pages




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